Fieldstone Neighborhood Condos Community Information

About Fieldstone:

The Fieldstone Neighborhood Condominium Association is governed by a voluntary board of trustees elected by a general election of unit owners or their designated proxy once a year at the annual meeting. The term of office is one year. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer their knowledge, experience, and expertise at our board meetings or as members of our Maintenance, Architectural, Audit and or Nominating Committees. 

The current board of trustees acts in association with Corner Property Management, LLC to manage the daily operations of maintenance, repairs and capital improvements. We also work in conjunction with the management staff of the Hills Village Master Association who oversees the club house facilities of tennis courts, swimming pools, meeting rooms and an exercise gym. 

The board of trustees on behalf of the association acts in accord with the current by-laws to formulate and enforce policies and procedures for the health, safely and welfare of all the residents by majority rule of the board, after asking for input from the residents at regular meetings that are completely open to the owners and residents. These meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every other month at 7:30 P.M. at the Club house building located at # 3 Hills Drive.

The board of trustees and Corner Property Management , LLC updates this website to provide most of the information about our community for those who are interested in learning more about the daily, monthly and yearly operations of the board and the various committees. All calls for repairs and maintenance are to be reported to the management company whose duty shall be to report to the vendor any repairs. Management will follow up with the vendor to assure the issue has been completed.

The tabs at the side bar allow you to view additional information in greater detail. Minutes of meetings, Committee reports, Financial Statements, Capital Investment activities are presented for your information to keep everyone informed of the financial expenditures by the board of trustees on your behalf as per the current by-laws and policies.

To facilitate pleasant living conditions here in our community, the board of trustees has with input from the community formulated policies and procedures of courteous behavior to help organize and regulate those things that affect all of us, i.e. garbage collection, outside grills, noise, parking, etc. These policies and procedures are listed under the tool bar tab of Neighborhood Policies. Everyone is encouraged to follow the policies and procedures and to help upgrade and improve them on an as needed basis from time to time.

For many owners and residents, living in our community is a substantial investment of assets. The board of trustees encourages everyone to assist in improving our community for the mutual benefit of everyone concerned. For additional information about “Fieldstone” please contact Corner Property Management . 

2020-2021 Maintenance Fee Information:
Maintenance Fee: $310
Send payment to:
Fieldstone Neighborhood
c/o Corner Property Management
PO Box 63608
Phoenix, AZ 85082-3608

Insurance Information:
Francis Gallagher
Gallagher Financial
Phone: (908)264-7001; Fax: (908)264-8852

Trash and Recycling

Trash days are every Tuesday and Friday. If you have large items to dispose of, please call the contractor, Gerard's Disposal at 908-546-7880 to arrange for pickup. Recycling is every other Tuesday. Pick up time is usually by 8:00 a.m.

No trash or recyclables should be put outside before sundown the day before pickup. The containers should be taken inside by sundown the day of pickup. If it is very windy, please secure the trash so it will not blow around. If you see trash or recyclable items around the neighborhood, please pick them up. Please do not litter; we take pride in our neighborhood looking clean at all times.

All garbage containers shall be put back into the garage on the same day the garbage has been picked up.

As of Oct. 1, Somerset County will expand its curbside program to accept all plastic bottles and containers that are marked #1 through #7. Number designations are on the bottom of bottles and containers.

Ambulance/Fire Department/Police
Police (non-emergency)
Management (Office Hours 9:00 AM-5:00 PM M-F) (973) 376-3925
Management (After Hours Emergency Line) (844) 479-2676
Water – All American Water
(800) 652-6987
Electric – JCP&L 
(800) 662-3115
Bedminster Municipal Building
(908) 212-7000
Bedminster Post Office
(908) 234-0070
Gas – PSE&G
(800) 436-PSEG (7734)
Cable – Owners can choose vendor  
Trash: Gerard's Disposal 
Trash days are every Tuesday and Friday
Company can be contacted for bulk pickup. There is a fee.
(908) 546-7880
Recycling: Bedminster Township
Recycling is every other Tuesday


Francis Gallagher
Gallagher Financial
Phone: (908)264-7001; Fax: (908)264-8852